Love Multiplied

Proverbs 14v12 There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.

So last night i had a dream…( I dream alot, and its normally quite vivid.) In my dream, a group of us were driving somewhere when we saw all the animals moving off in one direction. Straight away I (in the dream) knew that some major natural disaster was going to occur and that we should all follow the animals, as they would go the safe way…

unfortunately I could not convince others of this fact. A few minutes later in the dream i am still begging people to leave (there are like hundreds of them) but they won’t budge. Suddenly it starts raining very very hard and everyone realises its going to flood0721_Jesus_calms_storm_christian_clipart. Then everyone starts to flee. But they all flee in the way that is opposite to where the animals went, because it ‘made the most sense’. I (and others) was trying desperately to get people to change direction and they kept telling me my way was illogical. In the dream I just knew they were going the way of destruction. Eventually I to had to flee (at the last moment) and I got away safe. But knew in my heart that headlines were going to tell of the mass deaths occuring…

This got me thinking this morning… about Proverbs 14v12. The application is fairly simple really:

1) A great ‘disaster’ is going to happen (death/judgement etc)
2) As Christians we know the way people can be safe from this, although it may not always seem ‘logical’.
3) We need to do everything possible to save people from this and tell as many as possible
4) People are making choices that lead to death, let pray and encourage them to chose LIFE!