Love Multiplied

Yay! Our good friend James, aka the Sterinator, won the Steri-Stumpi ambassor of the month award. The Steri marching band sterinaded him at the UCT lab. Good times! We made a little video clip. So proud of you James!

Also check out the Steri Stumpi blog: here You can find the Steri advert that Jonny D, our cousin, made there as well.

This is our first attempt at vlogging. enjoy! (or not)    Note to self: don’t jump onto a polished coffee table with socks…

We’re so proud of our Dad who came up with the DAD initiative. He was on USA national television recently. Check out:

See www.livinghope.co.za for more details about the DAD project.

So today C’s son arrived in Cape Town! YAY!

C is one of the ladies in the discipling house. When she arrived at the house, she hadnt know where her son was for at least 8 months (i speak under correction thou). He had been ‘abducted’ by the father who was a M. and didnt want their son raised in a Christian family. His father arranged a friend to pick him up and take him to live with a M. family in Uganda.

C. came into the house and decided to fully give her life back to God (she had coverted to I. when her husband had done so). Within a few week of her being in the house and us praying she found out where he was. A week later she spoke on the phone to him. A few weeks after that he ran away. It has now been about 3months that he has been heading towards South Africa (With a long stop in Tanzania). And he is finally in Cape Town. The last 6 weeks have been very emotional as there have been times when we didnt hear from him for weeks (he is 11). But we were able to pray! and God broke through

We have now been praying for this boy for 6 months now.. and today he arrived. He and i played lotto and pick up sticks! Its crazy how GOd is so amazingly faithful in answering prayers! thanks be to HIM! The minute i saw him i felt like i knew him, and he ran straight up to me and hugged me! It felt somehow that prayers bound us together!

So be faithful in your prayers! God hears them! And he answers them beautifully! GOD IS GOOD!!!! We love you Lord! Always remember what He has done for you!!

Now our prayers for his schooling and Most NB salvation continue and we know God will hear them!

Our garden flat flooded yesterday. We’ve had some water and damp problems before, but this time it was a little bit more extreme.

The rain came down hard for about an hour! An hour…. that’s all it took to turn our garden into a little lake and cover our flat in about 8cm water. So needless to say we’ve been working hard the last day. I’m at work now, while the de-humidifiers are doing their thing. Just didn’t feel like thinking too much, so decided to quickly blog in my coffee-break.

Anyway, it’s been a bit of a crazy time lately. Since Shell was knocked over by a towtruck we’ve just had one thing after the other. It’s about time these things stop, so please pray with us. Mainly for strength and patience. :) We must be doing something right for the enemy to give us so much attention :) .

Let me leave you with this beautiful verse:
“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14

Love Multiplied to you…

The remains of what used to be our bedroom

The remains of what used to be our bedroom

In despair (Or posing for photo ;) )

In despair (Or posing for photo ;) )